Application of Nuclear Track Emulsion in Search for the Hoyle State in Dissociation of Relativistic 12C Nuclei


In dissociation in nuclear track emulsion of 4.5 and 1 A GeV/c12C nuclei, the formation of triplets of α particles in the Hoyle state (the second excited state 0+) is observed. This state is identified by the invariant mass, calculated from pair angles in the α triples in approximation of conservation of momentum per nucleon of the parent nucleus. An estimate of the contribution of the Hoyle state to the dissociation of 12C→ 3α is 10–15%.

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Original Russian Text © A.A. Zaitsev, P.I. Zarubin, 2017, published in Yadernaya Fizika i Inzhiniring, 2017, Vol. 8, No. 5, pp. 425–431.

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Zaitsev, A.A., Zarubin, P.I. Application of Nuclear Track Emulsion in Search for the Hoyle State in Dissociation of Relativistic 12C Nuclei. Phys. Atom. Nuclei 81, 1237–1243 (2018).

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  • nuclear emulsion
  • dissociation
  • invariant mass
  • relativistic fragments
  • 12C nucleus
  • Hoyle’s state
  • alpha particles