Magnetic properties of (SrFe12O19) x (CaCu3Ti4O12)1–x composites


New composite materials (SrFe12O19) x (CaCu3Ti4O12)1–x (x = 0, 0.05, 1) have been synthesized. Their magnetic properties are studied in the temperature range 5–300 K using the magnetic resonance and magnetometry methods. It is found that strontium hexaferrite microinclusions in the (SrFe12O19)0.05(CaCu3Ti4O12)0.95 composite “magnetize” CaCu3Ti4O12 at temperatures from 300 to 200 K, forming a ferrimagnetic particle near the SrFe12O19 “core.” The magnetic resonance line below 200 K splits into two lines corresponding to SrFe12O19 and CaCu3Ti4O12. The core effect decoration is manifested in the increase in the Curie–Weiss temperature from 25 K in CaCu3Ti4O12 without the doping ceramics to 80 K in the composite with 5% of SrFe12O19.

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