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Structure of Cu/Ni Nanowires Obtained by Matrix Synthesis


The structure of layered Cu/Ni nanowires obtained by template synthesis in 100-nm channels of track membranes has been investigated by transmission and scanning electron microscopy. The phase composition and main structural features of individual nanowires are determined. It is shown that nanowires consist of alternating Ni (Fm3m) and Cu (Fm3m) layers with grains up to 100 nm in size. It is found that nanowires contain also copper oxide crystallites up to 20 nm in size. The elemental composition of individual layers and their mutual arrangement are determined.

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Original Russian Text © O.M. Zhigalina, I.M. Doludenko, D.N. Khmelenin, D.L. Zagorskiy, S.A. Bedin, I.M. Ivanov, 2018, published in Kristallografiya, 2018, Vol. 63, No. 3, pp. 463–470.

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