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Deformed lattice states in a Zn0.9V0.1Se cubic crystal


Neutron scattering patterns have been recorded for a bulk Zn0.9V0.1Se cubic crystal at room temperature; they are indicative of macroscopic deformation in the material and its significant inhomogeneity. Specific features of the previously found state, preceding the fcc ↔ hcp structural transformation of the sphalerite lattice upon strong destabilization induced by vanadium ions in the doped ZnSe matrix, are discussed taking into account the data obtained.

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Original Russian Text © V.I. Maksimov, S.F. Dubinin, T.P. Surkova, V.D. Parkhomenko, 2016, published in Kristallografiya, 2016, Vol. 61, No. 1, pp. 127–131.

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Maksimov, V.I., Dubinin, S.F., Surkova, T.P. et al. Deformed lattice states in a Zn0.9V0.1Se cubic crystal. Crystallogr. Rep. 61, 117–120 (2016).

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