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Crystal structure of Ga0.5In1.5Se3 solid solution


A solid solution of the GaIn3Se6 (2Ga0.5In1.5Se3) composition with a hexagonal lattice (a = 7.051(3) Å, c = 19.148(2) Å, sp. gr. P61, z = 6, V = 824.4332(4) Å3, ρ = 5.379(2) g/cm3) has been synthesized as a result of alloying Ga, In, and Se elements with a metal ratio of 1: 3. It was established that six out of nine In atoms in the lattice are located in a trigonal bipyramid, while the other three In atoms and three Ga atoms have a tetrahedral coordination.

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Original Russian Text © S.I. Akhmedova, Yu.G. Asadov, G.G. Guseinov, 2016, published in Kristallografiya, 2016, Vol. 61, No. 1, pp. 42–45.

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Akhmedova, S.I., Asadov, Y.G. & Guseinov, G.G. Crystal structure of Ga0.5In1.5Se3 solid solution. Crystallogr. Rep. 61, 35–38 (2016).

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