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Structure and properties of quartz crystals grown from fluoride solutions: I. The morphology of basal pinacoid habit

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The mechanism of growth of quartz crystals from fluoride media has been investigated. It is shown by different independent methods (selective etching, X-ray diffraction analysis, optical microscopy) that the faceted forms of autonomous growth regions (trigonal pyramids formed on nonsingular crystal faces) are unstable and degenerate during growth. This degeneracy is accompanied by torsion deformation of autonomous growth regions and, as a result, formation of a series of hollow helical channels at boundaries of autonomous growth regions, whose axes make an angle of ∼16° with the OZ axis, and their projections on the XOY plane are directed along the +X axes.

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Original Russian Text © A.N. Chuvyrov, R.M. Mazitov, 2008, published in Kristallografiya, 2008, Vol. 53, No. 5, pp. 943–949.

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