Astronomy Letters

, Volume 34, Issue 3, pp 189–197 | Cite as

The r-Process in the region of transuranium elements and the contribution of fission products to the nucleosynthesis of nuclei with A ≤ 130

  • I. V. Panov
  • I. Yu. Korneev
  • F. -K. Thielemann


We discuss the influence of nuclear masses and mass distributions of fission products on the formation of heavy elements at the final stages of the r-process recycled through fission on long duration timescales. The fission recycling is of great importance in an environment with a high density of free neutrons (e.g., in neutron star merger scenarios), when the r-process duration is long enough for most of the seed nuclei to be transformed into actinoids. The fission products of transuranium elements are again drawn into the r-process to produce the abundance curve beyond the iron peak. In this case, to explain the abundances of the A ∼ 130 peak elements, not only the nuclear masses, fission barriers, and reaction rates, but also the fission product mass distribution must be predicted. Our r-process calculations using new nuclear masses and fission barriers and reaction rates based on them have shown that the simple two-fission-fragment model used previously in r-process calculations cannot describe adequately the position of the second peak in the observed abundance curve. We show that agreement between calculations and observations can be achieved only when we properly consider the mass distribution of fission products by taking into account the emission of instantaneous fission neutrons.

Key words

nuclear astrophysics, nucleosynthesis supernovae and supernova remnants nuclear reactions, β-decay and fission 

PACS numbers

26.30.+k 97.60.Bw 97.60.Jd 26.50.tx 


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Copyright information

© Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. 2008

Authors and Affiliations

  • I. V. Panov
    • 1
  • I. Yu. Korneev
    • 1
  • F. -K. Thielemann
    • 2
  1. 1.Alikhanov Institute for Theoretical and Experimental PhysicsMoscowRussia
  2. 2.University of BaselBaselSwitzerland

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