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Mass Indices of Meteoric Bodies: II. Evolution of Meteoroid Streams


The calculation results of the evolution of meteoroid streams obtained using the model described by Shustov and Zolotarev (2022) are presented. The model was implemented using the REBOUND software package. The evolution of model meteoroid streams associated with comets 96P/Machholz and 2P/Encke was considered. It was shown that the distribution of mass spectra is formed in the meteoroid stream: the mass index at the center of the stream \(s < 2\), while at the edge of the stream \(s\) may exceed 2. There are two causes of such changes in the structure of the meteoroid stream: (1) the initial velocity of particle ejection from the comet nucleus strongly depends on the particle size, and small particles move away from the nucleus faster; (2) small particles are more exposed to the action of radiation forces and therefore scatter in space faster than large particles, so the mass index at the center of the stream decreases. These results are consistent with the results obtained by other authors from observations of meteor streams, in particular, the Arietids stream.

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