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In-phase Variations in the Parameters of the Earth’s Pole Motion and the Lunar Orbit Precession


We found an oscillatory process of the Earth’s pole associated with the precession motion of the Moon’s orbit using numerical processing a series C01 of observational data and measurements of the Earth’s pole motion over a long time interval starting from 1900. Several methods have been proposed for converting the coordinates of the Earth’s pole to a system in which its motion occurs in phase with a change in the orientation of the plane of the lunar orbit in relation to the Earth’s equator. The performed transformation depends only on the average parameters of the Earth’s pole motion and does not explicitly depend on time. In this system, we showed that the polar radius oscillates in phase with oscillations of the inclination angle of the lunar orbit plane to the Earth’s equator, and the polar angle oscillations occur in phase with the deviation along the equator of the intersection point of the lunar orbit with the equator.

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  • Earth’s pole motion
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  • Earth’s rotation
  • gravitational perturbation
  • lunar orbit precession