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Motion of Stars in Layered Inhomogeneous Elliptical Galaxies


The problem of the spatial motion of a passively gravitating body (PGB) in the gravitational field of a layered inhomogeneous elliptical galaxy (LIEG) is considered on the basis of the previously developed model. It is assumed that a LIEG consists of baryonic mass (BM) and dark matter (DM), which have different laws of density distribution. A star or the center of mass of a globular cluster is taken as the PGB, the motion of which considers the BM and DM attraction. To obtain accurate results, the BM and DM attraction potentials are not expanded in a series, but their exact expressions are taken. An analogue of the Jacobi integral is found, the region of the possible motion of the PGB is determined, and the zero-velocity surfaces are constructed. The stationary solutions (libration points) are found to be stable in the sense of Lyapunov. The results are applied to the elliptical galaxies NGC 4472 (M 49), NGC 4697, and NGC 4374 (M 84).

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The author is grateful to Prof. B.P. Kondrat’ev for valuable advice and comments.

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  • elliptical galaxy
  • baryonic mass
  • dark matter
  • analogue of the Jacobi integral
  • libration points
  • stability in the sense of Lyapunov