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, Volume 61, Issue 4, pp 317–323 | Cite as

Progress in low-frequency radio astronomy and I.S. Shklovskii’s contribution to its development

  • A. A. Konovalenko


Radio astronomy at decameter wavelengths is currently undergoing very active development. Large-scale, new generation low-frequency radio telescopes are being constructed and already used in many countries around the world. As before, the largest, most sensitive, and most versatile telescope at decameter wavelengths is the Ukrainian UTR-2 radio telescope operating at 8–32 MHz, which has an effective area of more than 105 m2 and an angular resolution of about 0.5◦, as well as the URAN interferometric system based on the UTF-2. Many studies that have been carried out on these facilities have been based on important results and far-sighted predictions of Shklovskii. These include, in particular, studies of dynamical spectra and the brightness distributions of the sporadic and quiescent decameter radio emission of the hot solar corona, complex, broadband radio spectroscopy of the interstellar medium, and multi-frequency monitoring of secular decreases in the flux densities of supernova remnants. The coordinated use of highly effective existing and newly constructed radio telescopes joined into ground networks, as well as specialized space missions, are opening new prospects for low-frequency radio astronomy.


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