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Predicting supernova associated to gamma-ray burst 130427a


Binary systems constituted by a neutron star and a massive star are not rare in the universe. The Induced Gravitational Gamma-ray Burst (IGC) paradigm interprets Gamma-ray bursts as the outcome of a neutron star that collapses into a black hole due to the accretion of the ejecta coming from its companion massive star that underwent a supernova event. GRB 130427A is one of the most luminous GRBs ever observed, of which isotropic energy exceeds 1054 erg. And it is within one of the few GRBs obtained optical, X-ray and GeV spectra simultaneously for hundreds of seconds, which provides an unique opportunity so far to understand the multi-wavelength observation within the IGC paradigm, our data analysis found low Lorentz factor blackbody emission in the Episode 3 and its X-ray light curve overlaps typical IGC Golden Sample, which comply to the IGC mechanisms. We consider these findings as clues of GRB 130427A belonging to the IGC GRBs. We predicted on GCN the emergence of a supernova on May 2, 2013, which was later successfully detected on May 13, 2013.

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Paper was presented at the international conference in honor of Ya.B. Zeldovich 100th Anniversary “Subatomic Particles, Nucleons, Atoms, Universe: Processes and Structure” held in Minsk, Belarus, in March 10–14, 2014. Published by the recommendation of the special Editors: S.Ya. Kilin, R. Ruffini, and G.V. Vereshchagin.

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