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Atomic mechanisms of strain relaxation in heteroepitaxial Cu/Ni(001) system


Strain relief mechanisms in heteroepitaxial Cu/Ni(001) system are studied using molecular static methods with semiempirical EAM potentials. In particular, the process of a V-shape defect (internal (111) faceting) nucleation is considered, and the corresponding activation barriers and critical thicknesses are estimated.

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Correspondence to O. S. Trushin.

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Original Russian Text © O.S. Trushin, A.N. Kupryanov, S.-C. Ying, E. Granato, T. Ala-Nissila, 2015, published in Mikroelektronika, 2015, Vol. 44, No. 6, pp. 459–463.

The article was translated by the authors.

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Trushin, O.S., Kupryanov, A.N., Ying, S.C. et al. Atomic mechanisms of strain relaxation in heteroepitaxial Cu/Ni(001) system. Russ Microelectron 44, 410–413 (2015).

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  • Critical Thickness
  • RUSSIAN Microelectronics
  • Strain Relaxation
  • Embed Atom Method
  • Embed Atom Method