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Micromagnetic software package MICROMAG and its applications to study elements of spintronics


The simple and efficient micromagnetic software package MICROMAG is presented. The code is designed to study switching processes in magnetic nanostructures. It has been tested by comparison of the results with well-known public domain codes. The code has been used to study the effects of technological imperfections on magnetic reversal of spin-valve structures.

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Correspondence to O. S. Trushin.

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Original Russian Text © O.S. Trushin, N. Barabanova, 2013, published in Mikroelektronika, 2013, Vol. 42, No. 3, pp. 218–226.

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  • Magnetic Reversal
  • RUSSIAN Microelectronics
  • Magnetic Layer
  • Spin Valve
  • Zeeman Energy