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Simulation of formation of nanostructures during sputtering of the surface by ion bombardment


The results of the investigation of a spatially nonlocal model of surface erosion by the ion bombardment are presented. It is shown that the equilibrium states of the surface in the scope of the model are the plane and a terrace-like profile. Critical values of the bombardment angle and surface diffusion, at which the equilibrium states are lost to perturbations in the form of traveling waves, are determined. The obtained results allow us to explain the main form of the surface topography formed during ion sputtering of the surface, and to determine their parameters, the existence region, and the sequence of appearance.

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Correspondence to A. S. Rudyi.

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Original Russian Text © A.S. Rudyi, A.N. Kulikov, A.V. Metlitskaya, 2011, published in Mikroelektronika, 2011, Vol. 40, No. 2, pp. 109–118.

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Rudyi, A.S., Kulikov, A.N. & Metlitskaya, A.V. Simulation of formation of nanostructures during sputtering of the surface by ion bombardment. Russ Microelectron 40, 98–107 (2011).

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