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An automated stand for express-diagnostics of magnetoresistive structures


The design of an automated measuring stand for express-diagnostics of magnetoresistive structures are presented. This computer-controlled stand allows measurements of the magnetoresistances of film structures with high accuracy in a low alternating magnetic field. The stand has been tested on single- and multiple-layer magnetoresistive structures.

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Original Russian Text © O.S. Trushin, D.A. Kokanov, V.F. Bochkarev, V.V. Haumov, E.Yu. Buchin, 2009, published in Mikroelektronika, 2009, Vol. 38, No. 4, pp. 280–283.

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Trushin, O.S., Kokanov, D.A., Bochkarev, V.F. et al. An automated stand for express-diagnostics of magnetoresistive structures. Russ Microelectron 38, 257–259 (2009).

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