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Long -Term Changes in the Fish Fauna of the Karkinitsky Gulf of the Black Sea


The summarized composition of the fish fauna of the Karkinitsky Gulf of the Black Sea was established for the first time on the basis of literature and original data for the entire period of research; 108 fish species were recorded in total. Twenty-three new fish species, among them representatives of the Mediterranean faunistic complex, form the basis of the faunistic diversity of the western part of the Karkinitsky Gulf. The influence of various anthropogenic activities has led to the disappearance of 16 fish species from the Crimean coast: eight species of the family Cyprinidae and one species from each of the families Centrarhidae, Gasterosteidae and Gobiidae; the natural ranges of these species were previously confined to the areas of freshwater discharge from the North Crimean Canal in the eastern part of the Karkinitsky Gulf. The ending of the Canal function caused a change in the ranges of fish species of different ecological groups.

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We are grateful to I.V. Khutorenko (Razdolnoe Village, Crimea) for his help in organization of expeditionary research, as well as to all our colleagues who took part in the processing of ichthyological samples.


The study was carried out in accordance with the Patterns of formation and anthropogenic transformation of biodiversity and biological resources of the Azov–Black Sea basin and other regions of the World Ocean State Research Project, State Registration Number AAAA-A18-118020890074-2, as well as on the Fundamental research of population biology of marine animals, their morphological and genetic diversity Research Topic, State Registration Number АААА-А19-119060690014-5.

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