Records of Northern Elephant Seals, Mirounga angustirostris Gill, 1866 (Mammalia: Phocidae), from the Kuril Islands


The northern elephant seal does not inhabit the waters of Russia. Encounters with this animal are rare and in most cases occur at rookeries of eared seals. The records of elephant seals from Russian waters in recent decades may be evidence of an increase in their population and expansion of the species range. This report provides summarized data on the records of northern elephant seals from waters of the Russian Far East.

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This study was carried out within the framework of the program for marine mammal research in the seas of the Russian Far East, scheduled according to the research program of the Kamchatka Branch, Pacific Geographical Institute, Far East Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences.

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  • northern elephant seal
  • Kuril Islands
  • Pacific Ocean
  • species range