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Peculiarities of development in the marine brown alga Alaria angusta Kjellman, 1889 (Alariaceae: Ochrophyta) under laboratory-controlled conditions

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This paper describes the formation of gametophytes and the early stages of the development of sporophytes in the kelp seaweed Alaria angusta from Kamchatka. To establish laboratory cultures we used zoospores obtained from A. angusta sporophytes collected on October 29, 2014. The gametophytes were grown under different conditions: at 6–7°С and natural light and at 10°С and illumination with cool white fluorescent bulbs, 30 μmol photon m–2 s–1, 12: 12 h L: D cycle. In the first case (natural light, 6–7°С), the vegetative growth of male and female gametophytes lasted for more than 4 months; maturation of sexual products occurred 144 days after germination of the embryospores. In the second case (artificial light, 10°С), rapid development of the gametophytes occurred; the first juvenile sporophytes appeared on the 10th day after the zoospores settled onto the substrate. Our data contribute to understanding of the regulatory effect of temperature and light on the peculiarities of species vegetation in the natural environment and formation of the age structure of the species population, one particular feature of this process is the continuous appearance of juvenile sporophytes in the warm period of the year.

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