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Mineralization Kinetics of Air Bubbles with Coarse Sphalerite Particles in Brackish Solutions of Sulfhydryl Collectors


The article describes the studies into the mineralization kinetics of air bubbles with non-activated and activated sphalerite particles 74–100 \(\mu\)m in size in brackish solutions of sulfhydryl collectors. The test collectors were isopropyl potassium xanthate and isopropyl sodium dithiophosphate (Aeroflot), and the test activator was copper sulfate. The tests provided new data on the mineralization kinetics of air bubbles with sphalerite particles in brackish solutions. The mineralization kinetics test procedure and the new data on the air bubble mineralization rate and intensity can be a framework for the science-based selection of flotation agents (collectors, activators, etc.).

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  • mineralization kinetics
  • sphalerite
  • flotation in sea water
  • flotation in brackish water
  • particle–bubble attachment
  • isopropyl potassium xanthate
  • isopropyl sodium dithiophosphate
  • activated sphalerite
  • coarse particle flotation