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The Use of Tecflote Family Collectors in Copper–Nickel Ore Flotation


Tecflote non-ionic organic agents are investigated as potential flotation collectors for copper–nickel sulfide ores. Adsorbability of four Tecflote agents having different-structure alkyl radicals and different numbers of functional groups is analyzed. The efficiency of the agents toward copper- and nickel-bearing minerals is estimated in non-frothing flotation of ore samples treated with chalcopyrite and pentlandite–pyrrhotine. The behavior specificity of Tecflote agents as compared with sulfhydryl collectors is illustrated. Tecflote agents are more active relative to nickel-bearing minerals. The flotation tests prove that inclusion of Tecflote collectors as additives to standard flotation regime enhances efficiency of the process. Partial replacement of xanthate favors higher recovery of copper and nickel in flotation froth at lower recovery of nickel in flotation tailings.

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