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Low-Waste Mining Technology for Structurally Complex Deposits with Mixed-Type Process Flows of Ore Extraction and Processing


The article presents a package of engineering solutions to ensure an essential increase in overall extraction of useful components in development of structurally complex ore deposits. The efficiency criterion of such mining using mixed-type process flows of ore extraction and processing is proposed to be the highest NPV of extraction and processing of high-grade ore, low-grade ore and mining-and-processing waste within the overall period of mining. The use of this criterion allows setting optimal ranges for cut-off grade to identify the ore types and qualities. Extraction blocks are distinguished by geological types determined based on the texture, structure and material constitution of ores. In a structurally complex extraction block, zones of super rich, rich, crude, poor and super poor ore are delineated. Super rich ore is extracted in the first place and is forwarded to pressure leaching or to leaching-and-adsorption. After disintegration by blasting, the other above-listed ore grades are sent to a processing plant or to heap leaching. This technology enables enhanced overall metal recovery from an extraction block.

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  • structurally complex block
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