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, Volume 53, Issue 3, pp 553–558 | Cite as

Platinum-Group Metals in Residual Soils and Potential Efficiency of Their Processing in Gravity Concentrators

  • T. N. Aleksandrova
  • I. V. Talovina
Mineral Dressing


The authors analyze geochemical data on residual soils of Svetloborsk and Nizhny Tagil massifs of the Ural Platinum Belt after tests aimed to determine content of platinum group elements, gold and silver in different zones of geological cross section. The scope of the analysis embraces theory of gravity concentration in the flows of suspended matter. The criterion of efficient dressability in gravity concentrators (hydraulic separation coefficient) is adapted as an alternative to the equal-settling factor inclusive of the influence of a particle shape. The presented calculated coefficients of hydraulic separation for different shape particles of olivine and platinum prove that flattened particles are separated more efficiently with centrifugal gravity concentrators. The theory is backed with the experimental data, and the conclusion on applicability of the proposed hydraulic separation coefficient is drawn.


Platinoids residual soils gravity concentration centrifugal concentration jigging critical velocity hydraulic separation coefficient platinum gold morphological features Svetloborsk massif Nizhny Tagil massif 


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  1. 1.Saint-Petersburg Mining UniversitySaint-PetersburgRussia

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