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Effects of surface structure changes on reactivity of scheelite after mechanical activation

Mineral Dressing


The article illustrates feasibility to predict changes in energy content and reactivity of scheelite concentrate after mechanical activation based on X-ray diffraction analysis data under onward low-temperature (under 100°С) sodium leaching. The complex nature of changes in the energy content and reactivity of mechanically activated scheelite under influence of structural changes in mineral particles is determined. It is confirmed that energy accumulated in the form of surface energy and micro-deformations during mechanical activation affects further leaching performance. The procedure and criteria developed to estimate efficiency of mechanical activation of scheelite make a technical background for energy-saving technology of scheelite concentrate treatment directly at mining and processing plants.


Wolfram scheelite concentrate preliminary mechanical activation sodium leaching X-ray diffraction analysis energy saving 


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  1. 1.National Research University of Science and Technology—MISISMoscowRussia

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