Pepxmltk—a format converter for peptide identification results obtained from tandem mass spectrometry data using X!Tandem search engine

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Correspondence to M. V. Ivanov.

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Published in Russian in Mass-spektrometriya, 2015, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 179–180.

The article was translated by the authors.

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Ivanov, M.V., Levitsky, L.I., Tarasova, I.A. et al. Pepxmltk—a format converter for peptide identification results obtained from tandem mass spectrometry data using X!Tandem search engine. J Anal Chem 70, 1598–1599 (2015).

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  • proteomics
  • search engine
  • tandem mass spectrometry
  • data mining
  • bioinformatics