Luminescence diagnostics of malignant tumors in the IR spectral range using Yb-porphyrin metallocomplexes


The creation and application of new low-toxic photosensitizers for the luminescence diagnostics of cancer are considered. The new photosensitizers weakly generate singlet oxygen, exhibit developed luminescence, and retain the tumor-tropic properties of the therapeutic photosensitizers. Twenty one ytterbium complexes of porphyrin compounds that differ by the substituents at the periphery of the porphyrin ring are synthesized. The absorption and luminescence spectra and the luminescence decay curves of these substances are studied. The primary toxicological and pharmacokinetic investigations are performed for the most promising compounds in the organisms of experimental animals. The experimental data prove that the Yb-porphyrin complexes are promising as low-toxic markers for the luminescence diagnostics of malignant tumors in the IR spectral range (975–985 nm) that are free of the phototoxicity typical of the conventional porphyrins at a relatively high luminescence contrast and the selective accumulation in tissue.

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