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Holmium-doped fluoride fiber laser at 2950 nm pumped at 1175 nm


We report a single-mode, highly stable, continuous-wave Ho3+: ZBLAN fiber laser. The system was pumped by a 1175-nm fiber Raman laser and emitted at ∼2950 nm. The optical-to-optical conversion efficiency was 43% that is the highest reported in the literature. Characterizations revealed a quasigaussian intensity profile with a power stability of less than 1%. This high stability relies on the single-wavelength emission of the system because the system does not require simultaneous oscillation at 2100 nm. Coincidence between the emission wavelength and the absorption peak of water makes the system suitable to replace a high-power (∼9.34-W) Er3+: ZBLAN fiber laser for cutting materials with high moisture content.

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