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Modeling of Tensile Modulus for Recycled PET/Clay Nanocomposites


The present study is devoted to tensile modulus of recycle PET/clay nanocomposites based on the various conventional models. Some models such as Paul and Takayanagi provide good results, when compared with the experimental data. Hirsch model predicts more accurate data by the x value of 0.1 revealing that the tensile modulus of current nanocomposites conforms to the inverse rule of mixture model. The comparison between experimental and theoretical results of Guth models confirm the necessity for taking account of stiffening factors such as aspect ratio of silicate layers. The theoretical data present a good agreement with experimental data considering the aspect ratio of 8 for silicate layers. In addition, the orientation and 3D random dispersion of the nanoclay platelets should be assumed according to Halpin–Tsai model. Further, some simplifications and modifications are carried out on the several models to enhance their predictability. The modified models are too simple, because they only require to Young’s modulus and volume fraction of components for prediction.

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