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Scattering of Electromagnetic Radiation by ITO Nanoparticles with Various Doping Levels


The process of scattering of radiation by indium‒tin oxide (ITO) nanoparticles is theoretically studied at various degrees of doping and for different radii of nanoparticles. Qualitative conclusions are made about the character of the dependence of the scattering cross section on the frequency with variation of the particle size and the percentage content of tin. The prospects of using ITO nanoparticles as an active substance in optical sensors are estimated.

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Original Russian Text © A.S. Bugaev, V.A. Astapenko, E.S. Manuilovich, S.V. Sakhno, E.S. Khramov, A.V. Yakovets, 2018, published in Doklady Akademii Nauk, 2018, Vol. 478, No. 6, pp. 642–645.

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Bugaev, A.S., Astapenko, V.A., Manuilovich, E.S. et al. Scattering of Electromagnetic Radiation by ITO Nanoparticles with Various Doping Levels. Dokl. Phys. 63, 55–57 (2018).

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