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Kravchenko weight functions in the algorithm of modified aperture synthesis

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Correspondence to V. F. Kravchenko.

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Original Russian Text © V.K. Volosyuk, V.F. Kravchenko, V.V. Pavlikov, V.I. Pustovoit, 2013, published in Doklady Akademii Nauk, 2013, Vol. 449, No. 4, pp. 409–413.

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Volosyuk, V.K., Kravchenko, V.F., Pavlikov, V.V. et al. Kravchenko weight functions in the algorithm of modified aperture synthesis. Dokl. Phys. 58, 136–140 (2013).

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  • Atomic Function
  • Radar Image
  • Radar Cross Section
  • Mean Absolute Error
  • Ambiguity Function