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New Data on Dinosaurs in the Late Cretaceous Sediments of the Southern Urals


We describe a new find of a dinosaur in the Southern Urals, a fragment of long bone of a large dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous (Upper Santonian–Lower Campanian) sediments exposed in a quarry in the vicinity of the village of Izhberda (Orenburg oblast). The bone is characterized by the following features of the histological structure: the presence of strongly vascularized primary fibrolamellar bone tissue with a lamellar type of vascularization and the absence of cyclic growth marks. These histological features indicate the rapid continuous growth of the animal. Such features have been encountered in advanced representatives of duck-billed dinosaurs (hadrosaurids) and advanced sauropods (eusauropods) that were large in size and had not undergone the “island effect.” The find from the Izhberda quarry is further evidence of the existence of large dinosaurs not subjected to the “island effect” on the supposed islands of the Late Cretaceous age in the Southern Urals or on the continental margin.

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The authors are grateful to the staff of the Resource Center “X-ray Diffraction Methods of Research” (St. Petersburg State University) for help with the use of the Leica 2500P polarization microscope, to K.M. Lyubarov (LLC LIMS) for preparation of a thin section of the specimen OShMM no. 25, and to A.B. German (Geological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences) for the review and valuable comments.


This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation, project no. 19-14-00020-P. The work of N.G. Zverkov was supported by the Geological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.

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