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Estimation of the Impact of Gravity Heterogeneities on the Heat Regime of the Boundary Layer of the Atmosphere


The heterogeneities of the gravity field (HGF) deform the fields of air pressure, density, and temperature and affect the temperature regime of the boundary layer of the atmosphere, as well as the heat exchange between the air and the underlying surface. This work considers a stationary analytical model intended for estimation of the amplitudes of these effects, which resulted in analytical equations for profiles of temperature disturbances and amplitudes of deviations of the vertical heat fluxes on the surfaces. In addition to the amplitudes of the HGF, the latter most strongly depend on the ambient background stratification. In highly anomalous regions, the amplitudes of deviations of heat fluxes can reach and exceed 1 W/m2, which gives grounds to take into account the HGF in climate calculations and numerical models of the atmosphere.

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