Turbulent Fluxes of the Dust Aerosol on the Desertified Area


Vertical turbulent dust aerosol fluxes are determined on the basis of measurements of fluctuations of the content of aerosol particles and the vertical component of the wind velocity for a desertified territory of Astrakhan oblast. The normalized flux or the uplift velocity of the dust aerosol reached 5 cm/s. It is found that the vertical turbulent aerosol flux is significantly affected by convective-related variations in the horizontal and vertical components of the wind velocity. It is shown that the daily variability of the uplift velocity of the aerosol agrees with that of the turbulent heat flux and that the mass dust aerosol flux is correlated with a maximum particle size of ~1.5 µm.

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The authors are grateful to G.S. Golitsyn for fruitful advice and O.G. Chkhetiani for discussion of the results.


This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation, project no. 20-17-00214.

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Correspondence to G. I. Gorchakov.

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