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Geodynamic Causes of the Emergence and Termination of Cenozoic Shear Deformations in the Khatanga–Lomonosov Fault Zone (Arctic)


In the context of models of mantle circulation beneath the continent, coupled with the subduction of the oceanic lithosphere, a direct link between the kinematics of plate tectonics in the Northwest Pacific Ocean and geodynamic evolution of the Arctic and northeastern Asia in the upper Cretaceous and Cenozoic is revealed. A simple geodynamic explanation is given for the emergence and subsequent termination of Cenozoic shear deformations in the Khatanga–Lomonosov fault zone, which is an important argument favoring the idea of the Lomonosov Ridge as a natural extension of the Eurasian margin to the Arctic (Amerazian) basin.

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This study was carried out as part of a state task, project no. 0149–2019–0005, for the Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences, and state program 5–100 of the Moscow Physico-Technical Institute.

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Lobkovsky, L.I., Kononov, M.V. & Shipilov, E.V. Geodynamic Causes of the Emergence and Termination of Cenozoic Shear Deformations in the Khatanga–Lomonosov Fault Zone (Arctic). Dokl. Earth Sc. 492, 356–360 (2020).

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  • Arctic
  • northeastern Asia
  • Pacific lithosphere
  • subduction
  • upper mantle circulation
  • Lomonosov Ridge
  • Khatanga–Lomonosov shift zone
  • Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain