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Hafnium Isotope Composition of Zircon from the Kondyor Clinopyroxenite-Dunite Massif (Khabarovsk Territory, Russia)


This study evaluates for the first time Hf-isotope characteristics of zircon from dunite of the Kondyor massif, which is closely related to an economic platinum placer deposit. The significant range in εHf(t) values (from –8.4 ± 0.8 to 10.5 ± 1.3) in Mesozoic zircons indicates the interaction of a “juvenile” mantle source (εHf(t) = +15) with distinct magma sources, equivalent to a subcontinental lithospheric mantle and/or a continental crust. The peculiarities of the Hf-isotopic composition of Precambrian zircons (εHf(t) from –2.3 to +0.3) is consistent with their xenogenic origin and inheritance from basement rocks of the Siberian Craton.

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This study was supported by the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (no. 0393-2016-0017), and is partly funded by the RFBR (grant no. 16-05-00967-a). The Hf-isotope data were obtained using instrumentation funded by DEST Systemic Infrastructure Grants, ARC LIEF, NCRIS/AuScope, industry partners and Macquarie University (publication no. 1016 from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Core to Crust Fluid Systems, ( and publication no. 1185 in the GEMOC Key Centre,

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