New Data on Diamond–Graphite Relationships in the Gneisses of the Kokchetav Massif (Northern Kazakhstan)


The results of studying an aggregate of graphite-and-diamond crystal in tourmaline 5 μm of the Kokchetav massif by the method of transmission electron microscopy are presented. The detail studies of the interface between the crystals of graphite and diamond have revealed the absence of disordered graphite that is detail partially graphitized diamond. Intense deformation changes in the graphite crystal occurred after it was captured by tourmaline at the regression stage, which led to considerable kinking of the graphite crystal along the a-axis. Thus, the coexistence of graphite and diamond crystals cannot be unambiguously interpreted as a product of partial diamond graphitization. Graphite could have crystallized syngenetic with a diamond crystal or at the retrograde stage in the graphite stability field.

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