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Gas–oil fluids in the formation of travertines in the Baikal rift zone


Active participation of gas–oil fluids in the processes of mineral formation and petrogenesis in travertines of the Arshan and Garga hot springs is substantiated. The parageneses of the products of pyrolytic decomposition and oxidation of the gas–oil components of hydrothermal fluids (amorphous bitumen, graphite-like CM, and graphite) with different genetic groups of minerals crystallized in a wide range of P–T conditions were established. Travertines of the Baikal rift zone were formed from multicomponent hydrous–gas–oil fluids by the following basic mechanisms of mineral formation: chemogenic, biogenic, cavitation, fluid pyrometamorphism, and pyrolysis.

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Original Russian Text © A.A. Tatarinov, L.I. Yalovik, T.G. Shumilova, S.V. Kanakin, 2016, published in Doklady Akademii Nauk, 2016, Vol. 469, No. 1, pp. 78–81.

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