Zircon Archean of the Transuralian megazone


The Il’inka metamorphic complex (IC) is located in the Transuralian megazone at the latitude of the Chelyabinsk granite pluton, east of the Chelyabinsk graben. The petrological, mineralogical, and age data on the IC indicate the presence of Archean complexes during its formation. Taking into account the importance of the age data on IC, zircons were additionally analyzed using a SHRIMP. For the Transuralian megazone, the analytical data allowed us for the first time to establish the presence of the Neoarchean (2715 ± 15 Ma) substance and two stages of metamorphism of gneisses. The early stage was in the Paleoproterozoic (1970–2130 Ma). The metamorphism of 648 ± 18 Ma ends the evolution of IC.

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  • Zircon
  • 206Pb
  • Ordovician
  • DOKLADY Earth Science
  • Middle Triassic