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The first data on the vertical REE distribution in taiga soils of the Russian Far East


Coarse humic brown soils formed on different rocks under natural conditions of southern taiga of the Upper Priamur’e were studied. Concentration and distribution of REE in organic-mineral and metamorphic soil horizons were estimated. Soils inherit REE distribution in underlying rocks sitll at lower concentrations. The maximal REE concentrations are found in metamorphic soil horizon and the lowest ones in humic–accumulative. Soil formation processes have an effect on REE concentration in soils, but do not change their distribution.

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Original Russian Text © S.V. Bryanin, O.A. Sorokina, 2015, published in Doklady Akademii Nauk, 2015, Vol. 464, No. 5, pp. 594–598.

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Bryanin, S.V., Sorokina, O.A. The first data on the vertical REE distribution in taiga soils of the Russian Far East. Dokl. Earth Sc. 464, 1053–1057 (2015).

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