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New data on the geology of the northeastern Sea of Azov

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  1. V. I. Savchenko, in Geodynamic Evolution and Petroleum Resource Potential of Sedimentary Basins (Nedra, Moscow, 1997), pp. 244–247 [in Russian].

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  2. R. A. Kazantsev and R. V. Shainurov, Razvedka i Okhrana Nedr 8, 36 (2001).

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Correspondence to N. A. Eremin.

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Original Russian Text © V.I. Savchenko, N.A. Eremin, 2009, published in Doklady Akademii Nauk, 2009, Vol. 426, No. 3, pp. 361–363.

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Savchenko, V.I., Eremin, N.A. New data on the geology of the northeastern Sea of Azov. Dokl. Earth Sc. 426, 556–558 (2009).

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  • Suture Zone
  • East European Platform
  • Anticlinal Structure
  • Kerch Peninsula
  • Platform Setting