Experience in the Development of a Configurable Laboratory UV Projection Photolithography System of Micron Resolution


The possibility of creating a laboratory UV photolithography setup with the help of commercially available components, such as optical-mechanical positioners and UV (ultraviolet) objective lenses, is discussed. Existing technical solutions concerning the optical systems of optical lithography, which rely on object‒image reduction, are considered. The main trends in the design of such systems based on lens optics are analyzed. The theoretical and practical aspects underlying the design of similar systems are examined taking into account the basic conditions of image obtainment: congruence to the initial object, ray-path telecentricity, and achievement of the required parameters by linear fields and resolution.

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Correspondence to P. A. Prokopovich.

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Original Russian Text © P.A. Prokopovich, D.N. Frolov, V.N. Frolov, E.S. Klement’ev, A.I. Grunin, O.A. Dikaya, U.Yu. Koneva, G.G. Lyahov, D.D. Efimov, D.A. Serebrennikov, V.V. Molchanov, E.A. Severin, O.V. Toropova, A.Yu. Goikhman, 2018, published in Poverkhnost’, 2018, No. 8, pp. 10–23.

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  • UV photolithography
  • optical systems
  • objective lenses
  • lens optics