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Electronic structure and inner-shell excited luminescence in gadolinium molybdate single crystals


An electronic structure of Gd2(MoO4)3 was studied using methods of luminescence and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Luminescent properties under excitation were investigated in energy ranges 125–165 and 526–553 eV which correspond to Gd4d and O1s shells. Luminescence excitation spectra were antibate to X-ray absorption spectra. The X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy appended these data by density of states in energy ranges where no resonant structures in excitation spectra were found. A low-temperature emission of Gd3+ ions was registered in gadolinium molybdate for the first time. Possible models of energy transfer in cation sublattice are discussed.

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Gofman, I.A., Pustovarov, V.A. & Kuznetsov, M.V. Electronic structure and inner-shell excited luminescence in gadolinium molybdate single crystals. J. Synch. Investig. 10, 205–209 (2016).

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  • Valence Band
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