Hydrogen diffusion constants in stainless steel and Pd60Ag40 alloy, and permeability of diaphragms made of these metals


Hydrogen permeability through diaphragms made of 12X18H12T stainless steel and Pd60Ag40 alloy under electrolytic hydrogen saturation has been studied with an electrolytic cell with a vacuum chamber. Hydrogen diffusion constants D H = 3.86 × 10−10 cm2 s−1 for stainless steel and D H = 4.36 × 10−8 cm2 s−1 for Pd60Ag40 alloy have been determined at a temperature of 40°C using the Berrer relations.

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  • Vacuum Chamber
  • Surface Investigation
  • Neutron Technique
  • Electrolytic Cell
  • Hydrogen Permeability