Formation of spectra of quantum well states in thin Al layers on W(110)


Quantum well states of sp-type in thin metal layers of aluminum on the W(110) surface were experimentally studied by angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy depending on the layer thickness in a range of about 1–15 monolayers. It is shown that the aluminum layer is formed in accordance with the Kurdyumov-Sachs orientation relationship. Modification of the quantum well state spectra is observed with the increase in the layer thickness. The changes of the energy of quantum well states with the formation of each new monolayer have a stepwise character. This behavior can be used to calibrate the thickness of the deposited film with an accuracy within fractions of a monolayer. To confirm the reliability of the calibration, the thickness of the formed layers was tested using the attenuation of the W4f 7/2 peak intensity.

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  • Surface Investigation
  • Atomic Layer
  • Neutron Technique
  • Photoelectron Spectrum
  • Aluminum Layer