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Surface Properties of Precipitated Aerosol Microparticles of Indium(III) Oxide under Conditions of Ambient Air


Adsorption and photosorption properties of precipitated indium(III) oxide aerosol particles are studied under conditions close to those of ambient air. The composition of the adsorbed surface layer of precipitated aerosol particles is analyzed. The quantum yields and their spectral dependences of oxygen photosorption and carbon monoxide photocatalytic oxidation are determined. Photocatalytic activity in the reaction of carbon monoxide oxidation is detected during the absorption of light quanta from the region of indirect electron transitions (quantum energy of <2.9 eV).

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This work was carried out within the State Contract for the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (project no. 0303-2016-0016).

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Correspondence to V. S. Zakharenko or E. B. Daibova.

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  • indium(III) oxide
  • precipitated aerosol
  • ambient air conditions
  • adsorbed layer composition
  • indirect electron transitions
  • photoadsorption
  • photocatalytic oxidation
  • quantum yield