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Monitoring the Atmospheric Deposition of Zn, Cu, Cd, and Pb within the Area of the Great Vasyugan Mire


This study presents the results of an assessment of the pyrogenic factor’s contribution to atmospheric pollution in territories of the Tomsk region, based on the analysis of heavy metal (Zn, Pb, Cu, and Cd) atmospheric deposition within the Bakchar Bog (the north-eastern part of the Great Vasyugan mire). Atmospheric depositions of Cu, Pb, Zn, and Cd were analysed using the passive dust deposition method, measuring particle content per m2 during 2018–2019. Data analysis showed an excess of Zn in atmospheric deposition that persisted for three years after a fire in a drained bog, during both summer and winter observation periods, with a maximum value of 3.63 mg/m2 per month in 2018. The impact of the fire on Cd and Pb content persisted for two years after the fire. The Cu content of atmospheric depositions is not affected by the pyrogenic factor. The analysis of seasonal dynamics showed that the Zn, Cd, and Pb content of atmospheric depositions was influenced by wild fires that cause the transfer of pollutants at both local and regional scales.

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This study was funded by Russian Foundation for Basic Research project no. 18-44-700005 (heavy metals content in the pyrogenic area) and within the state assignment on the theme PNR RAS no. 0778-2019-0005 (monitoring of heavy metals within background areas).

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