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Aerosol Layers in the Troposphere: Peculiarities of Variations in Aerosol Parameters at a Change in the Advection Direction


Aerosol layers with different scattering and absorption properties are studied on the basis of the data of multifrequency sounding. The effect of air advection on the aerosol optical and microphysical parameters in the lower and middle troposphere is analyzed. It is revealed that the low values of the extinction and backscattering coefficients, as well as the imaginary part of the refractive index and mean geometric radius of fine particles are observed at the north transfer direction, and the high values of these parameters are at the south direction. On the contrary, the lidar ratio and the contribution of fine fraction into the total concentration of particles decrease when the direction has been changed from north to south.

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Authors would like to thank B.D. Belan and M.Yu. Arshinov for the kindly presented data of the balloon-borne sounding of the atmosphere.

Authors also thank the reviewer for the comments which helped to improve the paper.


The work was supported in part by Ministry of Science and High Education of RF (Agreement no. 14.616.21.0104, the unique identifier RFMEFI61618X0104).

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  • lidar
  • boundary layer
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