Contribution of Errors in Line Parameters to the Retrieval of the Vapor Continuum Absorption within 0.94- and 1.13-µm Bands


The retrieved continuum absorption spectra in pure water vapor within near-IR bands 0.94 and 1.13 µm (10 600 and 8800 cm–1) are studied. The continuum is defined as a difference between the water vapor absorption spectra measured using a Fourier transform spectrometer and model absorption spectra of water monomers calculated using the HITRAN2016 database. The maximal error in the continuum absorption coefficients retrieved, caused by uncertainties of spectral line parameters in HITRAN2016, is estimated. It is shown that this error exceeds other error types within the absorption bands under study.

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Simonova, A.A., Ptashnik, I.V. Contribution of Errors in Line Parameters to the Retrieval of the Vapor Continuum Absorption within 0.94- and 1.13-µm Bands. Atmos Ocean Opt 32, 375–377 (2019).

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  • continuum absorption
  • water vapor
  • spectral line parameters
  • absorption bands
  • near-IR spectral range