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Comparison of Average Aerosol Characteristics in Neighboring Arctic Regions


We discuss the results of comparison of the average physicochemical aerosol characteristics in neighboring regions: in the Arctic settlement Barentsburg (Spitsbergen Archipelago) and over the Barents Sea. A small (less than 0.02) excess of the atmospheric aerosol optical depth in the island area over the maritime region is noted. The aerosol microphysical characteristics in the near-ground layer differ strongly: the black carbon concentrations are (a factor of 4) larger in Barentsburg, and particle concentrations are (a factor of 2.4) larger over the sea. The absolute concentrations of ions in the atmosphere of Barentsburg are several-fold smaller than over the sea. However, with respect to the relative content, Na+, Cl and \({\text{NH}}_{4}^{ + }\), \({\text{SO}}_{4}^{{2 - }}\) ions predominate in both regions, indicating equivalent contributions of continental and maritime sources.

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The authors thank A. V. Gubin, P. N. Zenkova, A. S. Kessel, K. E. Lubo-Lesnichenko, Vas.V. Pol’kin, A. N. Prakhov, A. P. Rostov, O. P. Sidorova, S. A. Terpugova, S. A. Turchinovich, Yu. S. Turchinovich, A. V. Urazgildeeva, and V. P. Shmargunov for participation in measurements and providing instrumentation; as well as B. Holben, A. Smirnov, L. Istomina, L. Yurganov, M. Heller, and S. Kinne for providing the possibility to use the data at MAN-AERONET website.

This work was performed in the framework of the program of the Russian Arctic expedition on the Spitsbergen Archipelago (RAE-Sh) in the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute and with support of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (within Complex Program of Basic Research II.1, project nos. 0368-2018-0014 and 0345-2018-0002).

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