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Coherence of Pseudo-Bessel Beams in a Turbulent Atmosphere

  • I. P. LukinEmail author
Optics of Stochastically-Heterogeneous Media


Coherent properties of nondiffracting pseudo-Bessel optical beams propagating in a turbulent atmosphere are studied theoretically. The solution of the equation formulated based on the paraxial approximation of the scalar wave equation for the second-order transverse mutual coherence function of the optical radiation field is analyzed. The behavior of the modulus and phase of the complex degree of coherence, coherence radius, and integral scale of the coherence degree of the Bessel-Gaussian optical beam and conical optical wave obtained by cone focusing of the optical beam by an axicon is studied as a function of optical beam parameters and characteristics of a turbulent atmosphere. Significant qualitative and quantitative distinctions between the studied coherence characteristics for cases of a Bessel-Gaussian optical beam and conical optical wave have been revealed. In general, under similar conditions of propagation in a turbulent atmosphere, the coherence of a conical optical wave is higher than that of a Bessel-Gaussian optical beam.


Bessel beam axicon optical radiation atmospheric turbulence coherence 


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